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May 15 2017

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Are these swimmers fish out of water, or more appropriately fish in need of water?

These students are laying at the bottom of the empty Art Linkletter Natatorium pool at Springfield College during preseason training in the fall of 1994. Students are posing doing different swimming strokes - some are doing freestyle strokes, some are doing backstroke, and some are doing butterfly strokes.

Arthur Gordon Linkletter, also known as Art Linkletter, suggested that the college build a new swimming and diving facility. Linkletter was the famed entertainer best known for his TV series “House Party“ that ran on CBS from 1952 to 1969. Linkletter believed so much in the project that he sold his house for $250,000 and donated the money to the project.

On the day of the dedication, October 21, 1967, the former swimming coach, Charles E. “Red” Silvia and Linkletter raced each other in the new pool. Linkletter beat Silvia by a tenth of a second. Later it was revealed that Linkletter had trained for three months prior to the event.

The Art Linkletter Natatorium is still in use today as the main swimming and diving facility on campus, having been incorporated into the new Wellness and Recreation Complex that opened in 2008.

May 12 2017

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Katrin Korfmann | Gravitation, Amsterdam 2010

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May 11 2017

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aida by jack oconnor in soho, ny. june, 2016.

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Guda Koster - Gespikkeld, 2016

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May 10 2017

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May 08 2017

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marta bevacqua photography

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mathieu lehanneur’s liquid marble floods paris’ musée des arts décoratifs

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A man arranges a tinted fabric on the ground to dry it out under the sun in the Araihazar district in Bangladesh on Nov. 5, 2013.

[Credit : Mohammad Asad/Demotix/Corbis]

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May 05 2017

I will only let you touch me, if your hands are so full of intention, that every brush of your palms feels like you’re writing a novel on my skin.
Azra T., “Braille (via afroui)
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Prue Stent

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Faces of saints & sinners in Baroque art.

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This makes me so happy.
Henri Matisse - Dance, 1909

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Faces of saints & sinners in Baroque art.

April 05 2017

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Marc Dennis

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In Deep Mourning by Leni Riefenstahl

March 27 2017

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Anywhere but in-between, David Chancellor

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